John Smith PHD


Dr. Smith specializes in Rapid Resolution Therapy ™, a method of treatment developed by Dr. Jon Connelly, which quickly and painlessly helps to eliminate and alleviate negative and painful effects of past experiences and current emotional problems. He recounts that “ I have been a psychotherapist for almost twenty-five years and I have never found an approach with such profound effectiveness for treating the entire range of emotional problems including anxiety, depression, shame, guilt, grief, past traumas (abuse, rape, violence),  and drug/alcohol abuse.”

Clients who experience this approach report that their emotional distress is significantly reduced or eliminated within 1-3 sessions.  Traditional psychotherapy often takes a long time and requires the participant to re-live painful past experiences, which causes many to become frustrated and drop out of therapy or avoid it altogether. With RRT, clients report feeling immediate relief from troubling emotions and also report feeling a sense of peacefulness, calm, and increased energy.

Dr. Smith offers psychotherapy to individuals wishing to find relief from troubling emotions and behaviors that interfere in their ability to live a peaceful, happy, and fulfilling life. He states, “if you have tried traditional therapies and have been dissatisfied with the results or if you have been searching for solutions to recurring problems, I can help.”

Services provided for adults, adolescents, and children.  Sessions are approximately one hour, but intensive half-day sessions are available.

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